These large ground floor units have a garage door and are ideal for start-ups, artists, photographers, fitness or yoga. Many great companies were started in a garage: Google, Apple, HP, Amazon, Disney. Your start-up garage is waiting at Creative Workspace!

  • Ground floor unit with garagedoor
  • Large space for hobby or crafts
  • Ideal for fitness, yoga or photography
  • Size: 224 square feet and up
  • Highly accessible
  • Sink can be installed upon request
  • Prewired for cable, telephone and internet
  • Call (425) 277-2392 to check pricing and availability
  • Price: approx. $590-$670 per month

Utility studios are located on the ground floor and have a garage door for superior access

Utility studio

Exterior of a utility studio with roll-up garage door and a regular door.