At 10x10, these offices are large enough for a one-person office with an extra chair, bookcase or file cabinet, yet very economical. Ideal for accountants, brokers, counselors, consultants and therapists.

These offices are small, but have everything that a larger office has, including a private locking entrance, a window, wiring for internet, cable and telephone. These offices are ideal for telecommuters and internet based businesses. With our flexible lease policies you can start small and upsize as your business grows.

These large ground floor units have a garage door and are ideal for start-ups, artists, photographers, fitness or yoga. Many great companies were started in a garage: Google, Apple, HP, Amazon, Disney. Your start-up garage is waiting at Creative Workspace!

Store front

These street level shops have an all glass facade facing NE 4th St and Olympia Ave. Each shop comes with signage directly on NE 4th St with 32,500 passing vehicles each day.

This larger size office is ideal for meeting clients. Not only does it have space for a desk, chair and file cabinet, but it allows for extra chairs for clients, a conference table or a couch.