Do I have to commit to a year long lease?

No. You can rent a workspace on a flexible month-to-month basis and leave anytime you no longer need your space. If you wish, you can get a lease for a longer period. We require a refundable security deposit at the time you sign up, and 30-day notice if you decide to move out.

What's included in each workspace?

The building has been designed with the convenience and economy for our tenants in mind. All of our workspaces have high ceilings and are individually heated and include a window and a private, locking entrance.  All workspaces are pre-wired for phone lines, cable television and high-speed internet access which can be set up through Comcast or through Lyon Tech. Many workspaces are plumbed for a sink, which can be installed upon request.

How much does it cost?

Our rates start around $300. Creative workspaces are economical because you can rent the exact size you require without getting charged for a bigger space then you need. You don't need to commit to a long term lease, so you can rent for only the number of months that you actually use the space. Each workspace is priced differently depending on size, shape, condition and location. Rent is full service, which means that costs such as heat, electricity, parking, taxes and common area maintenance are included in the base rent.

How large is each workspace? How much space do I need?

Common sizes are 10x10 and 10x16. A 10x10 is sufficient space for a compact one person office, while a 10x16 is a more spacious one person office, suitable for meeting with clients. We also have sizes both smaller and larger than that.

Can I receive mail?

Yes. If you need to receive US mail, you can rent a mailbox for $20/month

Can I decorate my workspace?

Absolutely. Everything from flooring to paint color, shelving to artwork. It's up to you!

What are the hours of operation?

Tenants have access to their workspaces seven days a week, by entering the building with our secure key card system. The

Can my clients, associates or family visit?

Our buildings are people-friendly, so feel free to have visitors. Retail businesses are welcome, but only in designated storefront spaces. On-line retail sales companies are welcome in the workspaces, as long as your customers are doing their shopping on-line.

Can I receive clients and other visitors at my workspace?

Visitors may contact a tenant by using the electronic directory located next to the elevator on the ground floor. The tenant will then buzz in the visitor from their workspace.

Is the building safe and secure?

In addition to the electronic key card access system, the building is under 24-hour camera surveillance with indoor and outdoor camera's. We keep the parking lot and the perimeter of the building well lit after hours. The building has a fire suppression sprinkler system throughout. Each individual tenant workspace has a solid core door with a unique key.

What about parking?

Parking passes for on-site parking will be issued free of charge to each of our tenants. Additional guest parking passes are available upon request. Extra overflow parking is available down the block at the Cedar Park apartments.

Is there anything I can't do at Creative Workspace?

Our spaces are highly versatile and well suited for many activities. We do require that all activities be safe, legal, consistent with zoning regulations, and not disruptive to others. Prohibited activities include manufacturing, auto repair, machine shops and band rehearsals. If you're wondering if your activity is a good fit, please feel free to contact us.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

We're glad you asked! Please contact us for more information and to set up an appointment to tour one of our facilities.